Typical language acquisition and interaction

Maternal sensitivity and the characteristics of child-directed speech

The main purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between maternal security-inducing sensitivity, naming objects as a function of child-directed speech and child early linguistic development. The most salient point in these examinations is to determine whether individual differences among children in their early abilities to respond to maternal initiations mediate the possible relationship between maternal language usage and child language development.

Main researcher:

  • PhD, lecturer Leila Paavola


  • Professor Sari Kunnari, Logopedics, University of Oulu
  • Professor Emerita Irma Moilanen, Clinic of Child Psychiatry, Oulu University Hospital
  • MD, Child psychiatrist Kaarina Kemppinen, Clinic of Child Psychiatry, Kuopio University Hospital


  • Emil Aaltonen Foundation